For the 2021-2022 season, our team will have Project Leader positions in addition to the Division Coordinators. Project leaders will work closely with their corresponding division coordinator in managing the progress of the certain project he or she is in charge of. Some responsibilies of a project leader may include planning, attending and/or documenting project meetings. In the case that the division coordinator is unable to attend a meeting, project leads may also be able to serve as a proxy.

Aaron B.

Mechanical Training Lead

Aaron (most commonly addressed by his last name) is a senior and has been a member of Team 3128 since his freshman year. All 4 of his years on the team have been spent in the Mechanical department, where he has worked with part fabrication, training new members, and robot design. During competitions, he is often seen frantically working on the robot in the pit. This summer, he spent most of his time messing around in CAD and creating the 2021 Mechanical Curriculum. Outside of robotics, he is an Eagle Scout with over 4 years of Boy Scout leadership experience, and enjoys pretty much everything outdoors, from mountain biking to hiking to camping.

Kimmi M.

Narwhal Connections Lead (Mechanical)

This year marks Kimmi's fourth year on the team, as well as on the mechanical department. On any given day, you might find her engrossed in a project, reorganizing workflows, or teaching members new skills. As the Narwhal Connections project lead, Kimmi runs the design and production of the Engineering portion of the team's curriculum for elementary and middle school students. She is also an ambassador for LGBTQ+ of FIRST and a member of the team's outreach and awards committees. Outside of robotics, she enjoys spending time watching birds and going on picnics.

Aidan R.

Strategy Training Lead

Aidan is a sophomore, a member of the Strategy department, and has been on the team since he was a freshman. In his first year, he worked on a variety of projects, with an emphasis on the game design project. He was also a member of drive team. Outside of robotics, he enjoys playing video games (a very original hobby), reading, writing, working out, and practicing martial arts. Now, he's eager to organize the curriculum and teach new members about the ins and outs of Strategy! Outside of robotics, he enjoys video games (a very original hobby), reading, working out, and practicing martial arts (Muay Thai and Kali).

Mihika T.

Strategy E-Scouting Lead

Priyanka S.

Controls Curriculum Lead

Priyanka is a rising junior and third year member of the team. She has held an active role in the controls department, being the WPILib Redesign lead and curriculum lead in the past two years. She further assists the wiring, programming, and troubleshooting involved in the department. Outside of robotics, you can find her watching sunsets, listening to music, or utterly confused on stack overflow.

Daniel Wang

Documenting Narwhal Dashboard Lead

Daniel is a senior at CCA and has been a member of Team 3128 since his freshman year. As a member of the Controls department, he has worked on wiring and programming projects, including the Auto Test Suite and State Space Control projects. As the lead for the Documenting Narwhal Dashboard project, Daniel writes documentation for Narwhal Dashboard, the team’s web-based control panel. Outside of robotics, Daniel enjoys reading, board games, and programming.

Jenny Mar

Documenting New Auto Lead

Jenny is a senior and this is her third year with the narwhals. She has spent her time being an avid controls member, working on various projects related to robot programming and wiring, and has also helped out with maintaining the team website. For her role as the New Autonomous Documentation project leader, she oversees the write ups for the previously developed autonomous trajectories code. In her additional spare time, she enjoys playing piano and flute, admiring adorable dog photos, and hanging out with friends.