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Robotics Summer Camp

After two years in the pandemic, we hope to bring back our summer camp next year!

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Be a part of creating an amazing STEM-based program for our students. Every company sponsorship and parent donation enables us to engage and inspire our students to pursue their passions in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Giving Back to the Community

Our team may focus heavily on engineering, but there's a lot more to robotics than just robots. Check out some of the work we do to inspire others to pursue learning in STEM.

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We strive to cultivate leadership and innovation through an engaging STEM education that embraces all students, regardless of background, in a vibrant and connected team culture.

Team 3128 is a student-run, high-school robotics team from Canyon Crest Academy.

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What We Do

FIRST Robotics Competiton

Our team competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition, a program created by FIRST - For Recognition and Inspiration of Science and Technology. FIRST's founder Dean Kamen had two goals; one was to make robotics a competitive sport that drove students of all grade levels to strive to build and design amazing machines, but the other was to create a cooperative environment where innovation and creativity could thrive and students could become leaders in science and technology. The FIRST Robotics Competition was created for high school students to build 100-pound robots to form alliances and compete with teams from around the world.

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Robotics Summer Camp

Over the Summer, our robotics team runs a 3-week long camp for students grades 1-8. For one week, students get to design, build, program, and drive their very own robots. Our goal as a camp is to create an atmosphere for preteens and middle school students to become aware of and excited about science, technology, engineering and math. We want to provide a safe space where students can explore and become passionate about new subjects that they might desire to pursue in middle school, high school, and possibly throughout the rest of their lives.

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Finding the workshop

Our Workshop is located right under the Learning Commons. You can see where our workshop is on this map. There are two ways to get to our workshop:
1. From the school: Take the stairs between the B building and the Learning Commons towards the Admin Parking Lot. Our workshop is just past the Nest on the right side of the gate (the fenced-in area).
2. From the Admin Parking Lot: Our workshop can be accessed by entering the large concrete sidewalk just right of the Administration building. It is the fenced-in area.