Our team has sub-team leaders that work closely with the Division coordinators to maintain the technical aspects of Team 3128. They oversee the design, fabrication, and controls aspect of the robot, train the next generation of narwhals, and oversee major departmental projects.

Mihika T.

Controls Curriculum Lead

Mihika is a third year member of the Aluminum Narwhals and a junior at CCA. She joined the controls department in freshmen year to learn more about programming and wiring and has participated in various wiring and programming projects since. As the controls curriculum lead, Mihika oversees the creation and teaching of curriculum for new members. In her free time, Mihika enjoys swimming, playing piano, reading, and hiking. This year, she looks forward to meeting all the new members and work on some new and exciting projects!

Priyanka S.

Electrical Lead

Priyanka is a senior and been a member of the controls department since she was a freshman. She began in both marketing and controls, but after learning how to strip and connect wires one day in the workshop, she transitioned fully to controls in hopes of learning more about robot code as well as wiring. Priyanka makes executive electrical decisions regarding the robot(s), as well as answering questions about and teaching the ins and outs of wiring to her fellow members. She also helps with the programming of the robot, and has coded multiple subsystems. At competitions, she mostly troubleshoots hardware issues, dabbling in potential logic issues in the code as well. In her free time, Priyanka loves watching the sunrise, writing, and working out.

Mika O.

Software Lead

Mika is a senior and fourth year Controls Narwhal. She works on programming and wiring robots for various tasks from using computer vision to detect targets to calculating the optimal angle and speed to score a ball. Outside of robotics, she enjoys reading, playing video games, solving puzzles, and working on other programming projects. She is looking forward to meeting and teaching all the new members, as well as working on some fun projects (swerve???)

Bowen D.

Design Lead

Bowen is a senior at CCA and a fourth year member of team 3128. Bowen has been on the mechanical department for all four years, serving as the leader of the STR Subsystem in the 2022 season. Outside of robotics Bowen loves to play video games, surf, and boulder. He is very excited to lead the design of the robot this year and help new members learn how to CAD.

Cynthia L.

Manufacturing Lead, Website Lead

Cynthia is a junior and a third year member of the Mechanical department. For the past two years, they were very involved in and helped maintain machinery. Aside from Mechanical endeavours, Cynthia was also a part of drive team and leads website management. When they are not living in the workshop, Cynthia enjoys badminton, playing music, stargazing, and going down Wikipedia rabbit holes. In this coming season, they hope to keep the workshop from descending into madness.

Maddy S.

Mechanical Curriculum Lead

Maddy is a third year on the team and a junior at school. Outside of robotics she is in Scouts and plays rugby. She has been involved with the team since middle school, like making buttons for the team for two years. Since joining the team has been a robot subsystem lead, and involved with designing and especially manufacturing the robot. This year she hopes to successfully train new team members so the team can do well during competition season.

Yubo W.

Scouting Systems Lead

Yubo is a senior and a 4th year member of the team. He joined Strategy in his freshmen year, and has worked on 3128s Scouting system and Database. Outside of robotics, Yubo is one of our team’s resident waffle enjoyers and enjoys reading, rhythm gaming, cats, playing piano, and tennis outside of school. In the upcoming season, Yubo hopes to change our scouting methods and improve our Database.

Inchara J.

Website Co-Lead

Inchara is a junior who has been on Team 3128 since her freshmen year. A dedicated member of Strategy, Inchara's favorite part of the Narwhals is their welcoming culture and friendly attitude, as well as creating game strategies for competitons. When not in a meeting, she loves to sing, play tennis, and study astronomy.