Our team is led by a set of dedicated students who are responsible for directing the team and specific divisions of the team; they are tasked with inspiring future generations of Narwhals and maintaing the enivornment that furthers our mission of providing a positive high school team experience through robotics while inspiring intellectual creativity, fostering a passion for science, technology, and engineering, and developing critical thinking, problem solving and team building skills. You can learn more about our presidents and department coordinators here!

Kevin Z.


Kevin is a senior who's been working with the team for three years. He first settled into the Business department as a freshman and has been diligently working there ever since. During his time in Business, he's helped with several grants and lead newsletter publications. Aside from Robotics, Kevin has also been in Public Forum debate for two years. He performed in several tournaments and made varsity. In his free time, Kevin enjoys drawing, reading, and spending time with friends.

Mark K.


Mark is a third year member of team 3128 and a Junior at CCA. Within the strategy and mechanical departments Mark has served as Primary Driver and in 2020, leader of the STR Subsystem. Mark’s passion for engineering reaches outside of the team where you can find him 3D-Printing all sorts of mechanisms in his spare time. Truthfully, It’s surprising Mark can make time for the team at all considering his intense waffle and LaCroix promotional obligations. All in all, Mark is extraordinarily excited to help lead the team this year and promises to not drive the robot into any more tables.

Jessica L.

Business Coordinator

Jessica Li is a senior at CCA and has been a member of Team 3128 for two years. She joined the Business department in her sophomore year, remaining there since then. Jessica has helped write numerous grants in order to raise enough money to build the robot used in competitions. She has also helped in designing newsletter templates. Outside of robotics, Jessica loves to draw, read, and play the piano. She looks forward to meeting new members in the fall and being able to see everyone in person this year.

Jude L.

Controls Coordinator

Jude Lifset is a senior in high school and has been on Team 3128 since he was a freshman. He has grown his technical and practical knowledge on the team these past 3 years, and specifically has been interested in the controls (programming and wiring) part of robotics. Jude manages the controls department, coordinating the various projects throughout the off season and build season, and communicating with other departments so the team works with a unified purpose. At competitions, he troubleshoots hardware and software issues with the robot, fixing inevitable wiring faults and bugs in the program. In his free time, Jude enjoys playing board games, reading, hiking and programming.

Francesca P.

Marketing Coordinator

Francesca is a senior and fourth year member of the team. After experimenting with controls and marketing, she chose to stick with marketing and has been there since. Francesca handles social media accounts and has designed merchandise for the team, including the stylish competition shirts. At competitions, she can be seen chatting with other team members and updating the Instagram story. Outside of robotics, Francesca enjoys reading and creating art. This year she is looking forward to meeting new members of the team, despite the challenges of online team meetings.

Will S.

Mechanical Coordinator

Will is a Senior at CCA who has been a member of the mechanical department for 3 years. He worked with constructing field elements and manufacturing his first 2 years, and later served as the manufacturing lead and the lead for the serializer subassembly. He's looking forward to continuing project-based learning for new and returning members in the fall, and a return to an in-person build and competition season.

Shrey G.

Strategy Coordinator

Shrey is a junior and a third-year member of the Aluminum Narwhals. They have been a member of the strategy department since freshman year, where they have helped with creating various strategies, training new members, leading the game design project team, and making lots of waffles. They have also been a member of drive team as secondary driver for two years. Outside of robotics, Shrey enjoys playing the keytar, doing research, playing lots of video games (especially rhythm games), and listening to cool music. This year, they look forward to transitioning the strategy department back to in person meetings, welcoming new members to the department, and developing new scouting systems.