Our team is led by a set of dedicated students who are responsible for directing the team and specific divisions of the team; they are tasked with inspiring future generations of Narwhals and maintaining the enivornment that furthers our mission of providing a positive high school team experience through robotics while inspiring intellectual creativity, fostering a passion for science, technology, and engineering, and developing critical thinking, problem solving and team building skills. You can learn more about our presidents and department coordinators here!

Mark K.


Mark is a fourth year member of team 3128 and a Senior at CCA. Within the strategy and mechanical departments Mark has served as Primary Driver and in 2020, leader of the STR Subsystem. Mark’s passion for engineering reaches outside of the team where you can find him 3D-Printing all sorts of mechanisms in his spare time. Truthfully, it’s surprising Mark can make time for the team at all considering his intense waffle and LaCroix promotional obligations. All in all, Mark is extraordinarily excited to help lead the team this year and promises to not drive the robot into any more tables.

Shrey G.


Shrey is a senior and a fourth-year member of the Aluminum Narwhals. He has been a member of the strategy department since freshman year, where he has helped with strategizing, member training, scouting system development, game design, and waffle production. He served as the strategy department coordinator during his junior year. Shrey has also been a member of drive team, serving as the secondary driver for two years. Outside of robotics, Shrey enjoys playing the keytar, doing research, playing lots of video games (especially rhythm games), and listening to and creating cool music. This year, Shrey is excited to serve as president and hopes to expand the outreach initiatives of the team and make the team even more connected.

Aryav A.

Business Coordinator

Aryav Agarwal is a senior who has been on the team since his freshmen year. He is currently the Business coordinator and the lead for finances. The Narwhals is a great team with an amazing culture that has grown on him greatly over the past four years. Outside of robotics, he is a Chargers fan who loves business, computer science, football, and the beach.

Cathy K.

Controls Coordinator

Cathy is a 4th year member of team 3128 and currently a Senior. Cathy has been a member of the Controls department since freshman year where she led the intake subsystem. Cathy enjoys the wiring aspect of Controls and loves to involve herself in robotics. In her free time, Cathy loves to surf, listen to music, and go on adventures with her friends. This season, Cathy is excited to lead the Controls department to better teamwork and collaboration!

Emma C.

Marketing Coordinator

Emma is a Senior and a fourth year member. She originally started out in Mechanical and eventually switched over to Marketing. Emma has led multiple projects in Marketing such as Del Mar Times articles about regionals, outreach events for elementary students, and team regional travel planning. She enjoys interacting with other teams at competition and making connections with them. She is experienced in photography and designing social media posts. Outside of robotics, Emma plays club and varsity water polo and enjoys reading. She is looking forward to expanding the knowledge of Marketing members and integrating new media into the department.

Brittain B.

Mechanical Coordinator

Brittain is a senior and a fourth year member of the mechanical department. Brittain has helped with safety and new member training, as well as served as the Hopper subsystem lead for the 2022 season. She enjoys designing different aspects of the robot, as well as helping new members feel welcome. Outside of the team, Brittain enjoys dancing, volunteering at church, playing the euphonium and the piano, and working as a host at a pizza restaurant. Brittain is excited to build a swerve drive and make every member of her department feel welcome.

Aidan R.

Strategy Coordinator

Aidan is a junior and a third-year member of the team’s Strategy Department. Throughout his time on the team, Aidan has worked on a variety of projects, and was the Project Lead for Strategy’s Curriculum in his sophomore year. He’s always been an active member of Strategy and contributes to the department in any way he can. This year, Aidan’s looking forward to helping Strategy adapt to a new competition layout, and welcoming new members. In his free time, he enjoys working out, reading, learning new languages, and practicing Muay Thai or boxing.