Our robotics summer camp is one of our main ways that we are able to contribute to the community. Through this 3-week camp, we bring students on campus for a week-long course using the VEX IQ and VEX EDR kits to teach them basic principles of engineering and programming while sparking a future interest in robotics.

Campers complete a series of tasks with their robots that walk them through programming basic motors and sensors, and all of these concepts culminate into one complex challenge that tests all of their newly acquired abilities at the end of the week. We do all of this in a fun camp environment where campers can also take part in various recreational activities.

By inviting team members to partake as counselors and alumni as head counselors, we continue to foster a teamwide culture of spreading excitement about robotics and passing on what we’ve learned. Outside the team, camp also provides us a medium through which we can actively encourage the growth of young minds within our community.

Not only do we engage the younger members of our community, but by hosting summer camps we also are able to help fund the academics at our school and allow our own team to grow and invest in new technologies.

Summer Camp 2021 was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. We hope to safely reopen in Summer 2022, and we will continue updating the camp website to reflect any new information regarding reopening.

For information on registration, our programs, and more, visit our camp website