When You Can Join Team 3128

Team 3128 accepts new member applications in early Fall only. You must be a current student at CCA to join Team 3128. The 2023-34 Application due date is September 1, 2023 at midnight.

Team 3128 is capped at 80 students - available spots are limited and competitive.

How to Join Team 3128

Attend Narweek Events: Our Robotics recruitment event is called “Narweek”.

You must attend at least one day of Narweek - in person - to be considered for the Team.

Narweek begins with Intro Day on Friday August 25, 2023 at 3:30 PM in the robotics workshop.

Narweek continutes the following week - our workshop will open every day at 3:30 PM.

  • Monday Aug. 28 – Mechanical
  • Tuesday Aug. 29 – Controls
  • Wednesday Aug. 30 – Business
  • Thursday Aug. 31 – Marketing
  • Friday Sept. 1 – Strategy

Each department will present on their day and give a brief introduction of what they do. You will have the opportunity to meet current members, see what we do, ask questions, and check out the workshop.

When you apply to the Team, you may apply to 2 departments (maximum). You MUST attend those departments presentation days to be considered.

For example – if you are most interested in Marketing and Strategy, you must attend Wednesday (Marketing) and Friday (Strategy) of Narweek.

Steps to Join Team 3128

  • Be a current student at CCA*
  • Attend Intro Day on August 25th at 3:30pm in the Robotics Workshop
  • Attend Narweek (Aug 28 – Sept. 1) for the departments that interest you
  • Narweek is for students only - interested parents are encouraged to email our Coaches if you have any questions: info@team3128.org
    • To join any department, you must have attended their Narweek presentation day.
  • Fill out an Application, choosing your top 2 departments.
    • Applications will open Wednesday Aug. 30 at 6 PM, link to the Application will be right here on the Website.
    • Applications are due Friday September 1, 2023 at midnight. No late applications will be accepted.
    • If you apply from/contact us using your school email ( —-@my.sduhsd.net ), we cannot respond. All emails from outside my.sdhusd.net are blocked.

*This is a requirement of the CCA Foundation

Acceptance emails will be sent on Sunday, September 4 at approximately 5 PM.

  • If accepted, your email will list required rostering tasks with a DUE DATE. You have ~72 hours to finish all the steps, which take several hours to complete (hint: don’t wait until the last minute).
  • If the rostering tasks are NOT complete by the due date, your acceptance will be rescinded, and your spot on the Team will be offered to the next student in line.
  • If you email us from your @my.sduhsd.net school email, we cannot respond. All emails from outside my.sdhusd.net are blocked.

Time Commitment Expected

Joining Team 3128 is a large time commitment.

  • All Departments will meet 3 times a week in the fall, plus all-day Saturday (and some Sundays) from January – April.
  • All members must attend at least 75% of all meetings, for the duration of the meeting. Students who do not meet attendance will be dropped from the Team.
  • See our Team Handbook for full information.

What Team 3128 wants In a New Member

Acceptance criteria for Team 3128:

  • Ability to work well with other students as a team
  • Willingness to learn
  • Enthusiasm
  • Ability to communicate
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Willingness to meet the time commitment
  • Be a good person

These are the primary criteria our Team members will use to rank applicants. Coaches and Mentors may give input, but are not part of the new member selection process (so it’s OK to ignore the adults during Narweek). Prior robotics experience is certainly helpful, but not required. Each department has a certain number of available spots, and applicants will be given these spots (based on their ranking) until the department slate is full.

This year, each department has 6 open positions - except for Marketing (4 spots) and Strategy (5 spots).


If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Presidents or Coaches or email info@team3128.org for more information!

Please do NOT use your student email (xxxx@my.sduhsd.net) to contact Team 3128. Your school email rejects all emails from outside the school, so we cannot reply or contact you.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Finding the Workshop

Our Workshop is located right under the Learning Commons. There are two ways to get to our workshop:

  1. From the school. Take the stairs between the B building and the Learning Commons towards the Admin Parking Lot. Our workshop is just past the Nest on the right side of the gate (the fenced-in area).
  2. From the Admin Parking Lot Our workshop can be accessed by entering the large concrete sidewalk just right of the Administration building. It is the fenced-in area.

If you have any scheduling/team questions, you can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.