Have a question about our robotics program? Here are some of the most often asked questions and our answers to them. If your question is not listed, feel free to shoot us an email.

When does the team meet during the week?

Our weekly meeting and leadership meeting schedules for the 2021-2022 school year have not been finalized yet, but will definitely be in person. Please check back later for updates.

During Build Season (first Saturday of January until our first competition in March), we meet the same days during the week as in preseason in the Fall, as well as most Saturdays and some Sundays (subject to change based on mentor availability).

Specific dates are updated on our calendar. During Competition Season (March 3 - April 17, 2022) we meet as necessary based on the competitions we attend.

What does a robotics team do? What are these competitions like?

The best description of FRC Robotics was recently covered in an “HBO Real Sports” documentary you can view here.

Where do you guys meet?

We meet in the Robotics Workshop, which is the gated area right next to the Nest and under the Learning Commons. It is a part of the Administration building.

Is it mandatory that I be at every meeting?

Yes. You are expected to attend the weekly All-Team meeting and your department meetings. Assume your department meetings are mandatory - if they are optional, your Department Coordinator will announce that in advance. All training meetings are mandatory as well. Please see our handbook for more information.

Is it mandatory that I stay for the entire meeting?

Yes. Please see our handbook for more information.

I have a fall sport. Can I be involved?

If you can manage the time commitment of the Robotics Team and a Sport - yes. If a student is a multi-sport athlete, we have found that students are spread too thin to meaningfully participate in Robotics. Please see our handbook for more information.

Who goes to your competitions? What are competition positions? Who are they open to?

Travel Team is made up of the students selected for competition positions. These are different roles that students can interview for if they have met the position requirements. While all students are allowed to join us at our home regional and help us compete, our travel team has very specific positions that are vital to our success.

Interviews for specific, key positions on the travel team are held throughout November, during preseason. Most travel team positions are selected near the end of build season based on performance during build.

Parents and students not on our travel team are invited to join us at the San Diego Regional competition, and if we qualify, Houston Championships (April 20-24, 2022). It is a great opportunity to meet other teams, get inspired by robots, show your Narwhal pride, and get to know the rest of your team better.