Our team is led by two elected Presidents and Appointed Department Coordinators. They meet during weekly Leadership meetings where the Team Leaders, Coaches, Mentors, and Project leads discuss the current happenings of the Team. Learn out more about our leadership team.

Elected Positions

Our two Co-Presidents are elected in May by a team vote by all active Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen Team members. Anyone who has been on the team for at least one complete build season can self-nominate for the Presidential positions. The election will follow each Presidential candidate delivering opening and closing statements before and after responses to specific questions submitted by team members and chosen by Coaches & Mentors.

Appointed Positions

Our Leadership Team, Coaches and Mentors create appointed positions when needed. Appointed officers are in charge of specific parts of the team that leadership has deemed necessary. These positions are created to fit the various needs of the team, and are subject to change over time. For the 2023-2024 season, each of our departments will have a Departmet Coordinator and multiple Project Leads. Learn more about our departments.